Stadium scheme

Stadium has 9 turnstile groups around the perimeter. Within each group there are scores of turnstiles, providing an unimpeded access to the stands. All the turnstiles are equipped with pointers. All the information you need, you can always check with stewards, dressed in yellow bibs.

All the visitors enter the promenade, a space between lower and upper stands, and then they are divided into two streams.  “A” stands are the lower tier and “B” stands are the upper one.

Visitor can be catered by 26 fast food outlets situated on the level 0 and the promenade. At the lateral sides of these outlets there are installed the water closets.

Please become familiar with the rules of conduct at the stadium before visiting it.

Routes of buses that go to nearby stops:

  • To «Autovokzal»: 3A, 10, 25, 40
  • To «Sokolniki»: 3a 10 (18) 40 (7a)
  • To «King Cross»: 3a, 10 (18) 25 (57), 40 (7th), 131, 1002


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