History of the contstruction

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The joint Poland–Ukraine bid for 2012 European Football Championship hosting was chosen by a vote of the UEFA Executive Committee at a meeting in Irish city of Cardiff on 17 April 2007.

In the bid for Euro 2012 hosting the following cities were determined: Kyiv, Lviv, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk, and two reserve ones - Kharkiv and Odessa.

On May 13, 2009 in Nyon, Switzerland, the UEFA finally approved Lviv as a host citiy for Euro 2012.

A major benefit for the development of Arena Lviv is the fact that it is situated in the southern part of the city on the border of two most densely populated districts and near the ring road and the international highway M-06 Kyiv-Chop.

The distance between the city center or train station and the stadium is 9 km, from the airport - 8 km. Getting from these  key points to the stadium by public transport takes 30-40 minutes,  by car - twice as fast.

On November 15, 2008 to the building ground there were delivered machines, mounted 10 tower cranes, done earthwork operations for arrangement of foundation of the Stadium. 


On January 20, 2009 the representatives of local authorities laid the capsule into the first foundation of the stadium, thus giving the start of the grand construction process.

The works on foundation lasted from January to August 2009. More than 2 million cubic meters of concrete and 401 ton of carcass were used.

In May the construction works of bearing columns for sitting rows started. On the northern, southern and eastern sides there were installed the columns in 49 rows – 4 columns in each. The height of the tallest column – 10.5 m, and of the shortest – 5.5 m.

In August the installation of the columns on all sides of the stadium was finished, apart from the Western one, where the administrative premises are situated. 8 columns in each of 17 rows were built.

The works continued till October 2009.

In November 2009 the first cross-bar was constructed, the beam on which sitting rows of tribunes are placed.


Throughout November – March 2010 8 more beams were installed on the Northern side of the stadium.

In April 2010 the construction of first-level cross-bars continued. And already in June all 68 beams for sitting rows were installed and covering between the first and the second levels was finished.

In June the construction of columns on the second level started, and till the end of the month all 64 out of 110 columns were build, and in July these works were finished.

On June 23, 2010 the first concrete construction of the stands – “bond” - was mounted.

During July and June the works on cross-bars mounting were performed on the second level as well as mounting of “bonds” was performed.

At the beginning of September all “bonds” were mounted on the first level and 34 out of 45 cross-bars installed.

During July – September the carcass of the administrative building ground and first floors was constructed.

In September the construction of 14 pavilions on the first level started: 7 fast-food outlets and 7 sanitary and utility rooms.

In November the construction of 19 outlets started on the promenade.

In October the construction of all second layer cross-bars was finished as well as all “bonds” were mounted on the first tier.

In November –December the builders conducted the mounting of the second tier stands and staircases.

In November-December the mounting of the second level tribunes and stairwells was carried out.

At the end of September at the stadium construction site the works on roof metal frames welding started.

At the beginning of November the mounting of the first roof frame on the Southern stadium side started.

Till the end of November the mounting of frame metal constructions on Southern side was finished, in February the metal constrictions on the Eastern side were done, and in April – on the Northern.  In total 39 frames were mounted.


In March the construction of the stadium was reported as of 50 %. In particular, there were constructed: 




  • framing of the fourth  floor of administrative building
  • the construction of outer walls of the 4th and 5th  floors and core works on the first and second floors were in process;
  • roof steel construction are ready for 50 %;
  • the outlets on the fist floor were constructed, internal plastering works started;
  • construction of all 19 outlets on the second tier were performed;
  • “bonds”  on the level 2 were mounted for 75%;
  • staircases leading from  level 1 to the promenade were finished for 90%.

In spring there were conducted the final works on mounting of concrete structures of the stadium bowl.

In particular:

  • all “bonds” were mounted;
  • construction of the last – fifth floor of administrative building was completed.

The commence of construction of the ramp and main entrance stairwell and also media centre on the fourth floor.

Besides, in the administrative building were continuing the works on engineer systems installation and also finishing and facade works.

On May 17 the earthworks were started on the football field, and in early June - installation of drainage system,  works on crushed stone basement construction and watering systems installation. It was decided to lay turf grass.

100 days prior to finishing of construction the general preparedness of the stadium was 75%.  

Inauguration of Arena Lviv held October 29, 2011On this day for citizens and guests of Lviv more than 2,000 artists prepared a spectacular show program, and the ceremony evening was finished with performance of American singer Anastacia and huge fireworks display. The holiday collected full stadium: about 35,000 people.

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