Sky boxes

The highest level of comfort at the stadium is represented by so-called “sky-boxes”: corporate VIP-boxes.

14 sky-boxes and 1 president’s sky-box are situated on the last - fourth level of the stadium.

Each sky-box is arranged for 12 people (area of each room : 28 m2). Rental of the box is provided by “package”.

This means that customer buys the whole room in full and therefore has the possibility to invite friends, partners or colleagues to watch the match.  Each box has a separate water closet, wardrobe and fridge. The area of president’s is 112 m2.

For the owners of subscriptions or tickets to the sky boxes there are also provided parking spaces, separate entrance, hostesses and private access to the stands with the cushioned seat. The guests are catered by the waiters: restaurant serving of exquisite meals and drinks.

We also wish to bring to your notice catering services.

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