Conference halls

Arena Lviv provides eight conference halls, each possessing unique properties. Halls are counted on an amount from 12 to 1000 people.

Conference service at the stadium is provided on the principle of “full service” from parking spaces on out to technical equipments of the premises chosen.

Powerful technological capacity includes the following equipment:

  • high speed  Wi-Fi internet
  • projector (16:9)
  • plasma display panels (52 inches) on perimeter of each hall (for video content display)
  • headphones for simultaneous interpreting
  • microphones for presidium
  • hand microphones for the audience


Media Centre

room area: 832 m2
capacity: up to 1000 guests
location: level 3


The largest conference room at the Arena Lviv possesses the original designing:  workplaces are arranged in an amphitheatre way, which creates an excellent acoustics for speaker and improves the perception of the information presented. Consequently, this place becomes a comfortable environment to conduct lecture or master class, videoconference or even film presentations.


Press-conference room

room area : 308 m2
capacity: 180-200 people
location: level 0
feature:  2 its own entrances from the outside

This room is perfect for informative-formal occasions holding: press-conferences, teleconferences, presentation, etc.



room area: 28 m2
capacity: 12 people
location: level 4

A comfortable room for 12 people is an ideal place for important conversation or negotiations. An apartment of VIP-class with an elegant interior, round big table, WC, minibar and panoramic view on the pitch. Watch 3D-panorama.



room area: 352 m2
capacity: 200-250 people
location: level 0
feature:  2 its own entrances from the outside


Owing to its considerable area “Mix” room can be arranged for any event: exhibition, presentation, corporative conference with large number of participants and even banquet.


«Mini», 2 rooms

room area: 30 m2
capacity: по 15 people
location: level 1

Cozy and comfortable rooms for business meetings, small presentations and seminars. Halls "Mini" are located next to each other, which allows holding of two related events in a parallel way (e.g. workshops for staff from different departments).


room area: 83 m2
capacity: 40 people
location: level 1

Comfortable room for medium-sized audience. Due to its location and size, it makes your guests ready for business activities and helps to organize really productive event.


«Lecture room»

room area: 278 m2
capacity: 100-150 people
location: level 1

The large area and similar to a university audience arrangement of furniture creates a motivating atmosphere for productive work. It is a perfect place for consolidation of the team, improving of corporate spirit and teamwork of a large group of people.


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